About Us

The Mantis was the unexpected brainchild of two couples (who also happen to be family!)  After experiencing firsthand the toll certain renovation tasks took on their bodies (not to mention the amount of time), they were inspired to devise simple but effective solutions. 


The concept for the Mantis tool came to the couples, Mike and Rhonda Dreyer, and Todd and Lisa Thompson, after a day of back-breaking work pulling up carpet tack strips at their Minnesota family lake home. After nursing sore knees and muscles, they thought,” There has to be an easier way!”


Upon realizing there was currently no product on the market designed to help, they got to work on making their own!  What resulted was an all-in-one tool that makes the back-breaking job of removing carpet tack strips, tile, sheet vinyl, underlayment, hardwood, siding (or anything else that requires prying) a thing of the past!