Tear out the carpet (or most flooring) not your back.

Got a home remodel on your hands? Then you’re probably dreading removing your old carpet or flooring. Getting those knee pads out and being on the lookout for all the stray nails. Sounds like a nightmare? It kind of is.

But what if we told you that there’s a better way to tackle the tuff that means you don’t have to kneel on the floor ever again AND it saves your back?

Enter Mantis. Because doing it the old way is just tacky.

Watch MANTIS in action.

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The traditional way to remove carpet tack strips or any flooring stinks. You’ll need a hammer, a chisel, a prybar, those old kneepads, and did we mention, a ton of elbow grease? What a chore.

Imagine an all-in-one tool that gets this job done, smoothly and satisfyingly.

Picture yourself on your feet as you rip out your old carpet / flooring

in one single easy motion. Who knew it was possible?

Mantis! Rip out the carpet or flooring, not your back.

  • Tough & Durable

    Made of robust heavy-duty materials, Mantis stands for quality and longevity. With its sturdy design, it gets the job done, over and over again and is built to last.

  • Powder Coated Body

    A mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin. Powder coats the body of the tool and makes it more resistant to scratching, fading, and wearing. Its colors stay vibrant longer, and it is good for the environment, too!

  • Rubber Padded Grip

    Mantis has a rubber-padded grip that is comfortable and easy to hold. With its perfect combination of softness and durability, it turns what was once hard work into smooth work.

Mantis does the heavy lifting for you. Simply slide, push, remove and move on.

Mantis is made of robust heavy-duty material that is built to last. The fulcrum lets you apply less force so that you get more results—in less time!

We’ll say it again: slide, push, remove, and move on.

You can take comfort in that Mantis:

- Safer than using chisels and hammers

- Has a sleek claw tip that fits under any flooring tack strip

- Won’t break the tack strips

Mantis makes removing carpet or flooring a breeze. It’s the obvious solution to all your carpeting and flooring needs.

Get off your hands and knees, save your back and save time with Mantis.


    Having trouble finding the hammer, prybar, mallet, grinder, ahhh! Mantis replaces these tools.

    It’s the all-in-one tool that does the job in one fell swoop.

    You’ll be floored!


    Mantis removes strips in one piece so cleanup is a breeze.

    Messy cleanup, eliminated. Broken pieces, gone.


    No more protruding nails.

    No more getting jammed in the knee with staples.

    No more hammer mistakes.

    Mantis makes injuries a thing of the past.